Replacement of sewerage pipes

Replacement of sewage and septic tank pipes is one of the most dreaded home improvement projects as it is an expensive process that does not contribute towards enhancing the appearance of your property. You might not want to go for this option but it is your only solution in case your septic pipes are damaged badly. In such cases, is pipe replacement the only plumbing solution? Not really, now that septic tank pumping & relining technology is gaining popularity.

Pipe relining has been available for over ten years and is a worthy substitute to pipe replacement. As implied by the name, plumbers use this method to have the interior of pipes neatly relined. They do this method by the insertion of a tube that is specially designed via the pipes. Once the tube is placed in position, the tubing is inflated till it is tightly fitted against the piping walls. The outside part of the tube is resin-coated and this makes it get easily attached to the pipe. An extremely durable seamless seal is provided by the pipe relining.

Pipe relining just requires one access hole to be dug. It does not need expensive trenching equipment and the tubing is not as expensive as new pipes and you don’t have to dispose of your old pipes. Less time is consumed for this process and the best part is that your is not damaged as much as it does for septic tank replacement.

The one and only drawback that this process has is that it cannot be done if the pipes are crushed or if large holes are present in the pipe as a result of tree root damage. Although it is possible to patch up smaller holes, you definitely must consider the relining option if the pipes are severely damaged.