Restoring Florida Homes completed their first bathroom remodeling Tampa project in 1984. Since that first bathroom remodel we have worked with all types of bathroom remodeling products. Our team can design your new bathroom remodel from start to finish. We help you pick the fixtures, vanities, tile, paint and all accessories. We will design a bathroom that will make you proud to show your friends.

​This list of frequently asked questions was put together to help you in your discovery phase of your bathroom remodeling planning courtesy of ORLANDO PLUMBER Brian Eubanks.

There are many decisions to be made during your design phase. Our focus is to make this process as painless as possible for all of our designer and bathroom remodeling Tampa clients. We have assembled a wide variety of styles located in the sidebars, to help you with your vision.

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Toilet plumbing and bathroom

Toilet plumbing and bathroom related stuff gets rarely noticed by us unless something goes completely awry. It is therefore not a bad idea to gain a bit of understanding into how bathroom-specific devices work in order to attend to these problems and help save the plumber’s bill.

In order to make your toilet operate in a normal manner, you just need to understand some standard parts. Toilet plumbing is a 4-step process. There is connection between the flush handle on the outside and a chain that is inside the flush tank. This is in turn connected to something called a ‘flapper’ that is located in the bottom of the tank. The first step is initiated when you push the handle and the flapper is pulled up by the chain. As a result, water is released from the tank and sent into the toilet bowl.

In the next step, the water from the toilet tank is emptied into the toilet bowl, which performs a two-way function. It first pushes out the dirty water and the toilet waste from the bowl into a pipe that leads to a septic tank. Second, the toilet bowl is refilled with clean water. The flapper then seals the water passage from the tank into the bowl and the tank starts filling up to prepare for the next flush.

The way in which the last two steps function depends on the toilet plumbing age. Refilling is the third step while stopping this refilling at the appropriate moment is the fourth step. Once it is flushed, the tank gets emptied and water starts flowing in. A float kick-starts this process in the case of a conventional toilet. The float sinks and stays at the bottom of the flush tank once the tank gets emptied, thus changing its position. This in turn causes the float to open a valve that lets in clean water inside the tank. It then rises to its original position as the tank is filled and it is at this stage that the ball-cock closes. The toilet is now ready for the next flush.

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